OFAC Compliance made simple, effective and affordable...

Today's asset managers and business operations managers are faced with the challenge of protecting their clients from violating the sanctions provisions of OFAC and Executive Order 13224.

Consequently, most of today's B2B transactions and contracts contain conditional provisions regarding "banned-parties" legal requirements.  Like it or not -- OFAC Compliance probably relates to your business or institution...

-- but OFAC Compliance doesn't have to be a costly burden...

With KnightGUARDIAN, you can have an effective, easy-to-use, and affordable OFAC compliance program.

KnightGUARDIAN is a comprehensive compliance solution to government banned-parties requirements. The combination of our OFAC compliance program guidance, software and value-added services to support your compliance efforts, makes us unique. We help you figure it all out, and put it in place.

OFAC Compliance -- it isn't an IT "list-checking" challenge --  it's a legal challenge:

KnightGUARDIAN was designed from a legal defense perspective by legal, compliance and technical professionals. The comprehensive solution includes all of the "best practices" necessary to prove to the government that you've made a good faith effort to avoid a violation.

Download our Fact Sheet here.

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