KnightGUARDIAN™ includes:

  • risk profile assessment
  • compliance program guidance, including a policy planning guide
  • easy-to-use software that enables efficient and effective checking of the government's current banned parties lists, along with recordkeeping and reporting functions

Software Features

The KnightGUARDIAN software is effective and very easy to learn and use.

Case Management System

The case management system capabilities include individual and batch search options, escalation for review, assignment for accountability, and case life-cycle recording.


On-the-fly, customized auditing of all system functions available to reviewers.

Custom Lists

Reviewer-built lists to minimize false positive due diligence requirements for regular customers and to generate positive results for persons and entities that are not prohibited by the government, but are prohibited for company-specific business reasons.

Government Lists Included in the Database

We monitor these government lists closely and update the database in near real time.

  • Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Specially Designated Nationals List
  • OFAC list of countries subject to economic embargo
  • Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) Denied Persons List
  • BIS Unverified Persons List
  • BIS Entity List
  • Office of Defense Trade Controls Debarred Parties List
  • Additional industry and/or risk-specific lists can be added upon request
  • HHS Fraud

Deployment Options

  • Standard Internet Subscription – Use online accounts to access a shared system. Very easy to use. Very comprehensive. Very affordable. The fast way to get a solution in place for those with straightforward compliance requirements. Customization not available.
  • Dedicated Internet Server – Intranet or Internet access to a dedicated system located either behind your firewall or in a designated data center – your choice. Very easy to use. Very comprehensive. Completely customized to your needs, objectives and budget. A simple and reliable solution for those who need customization but who are not yet ready for full integration into their current business process management infrastructure.
  • Full Integration – On site installation and custom interface with your existing business process management system(s) for real-time, on-the-fly search processing that runs in the background. Fully customized. Easy to use. The way to go for deployment environments with heavy search volumes and/or complex compliance situations.
  • Outsourced – We run ad hoc searches for you, as needed, including credentialing and adjudication of matches, and notify you of the results. The way to go for clients with low volume needs or no compliance infrastructure. Instant, turn-key solution.


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